Director | Cinematographer | Editor | Composer

Tomas Busby

I am a visionary who is of service

to other visionaries.

2020 Showreel

I use the art of storytelling to connect businesses with their audience. I don't produce ads. I produce emotive, engaging films which are cohesive with your brand and resonate with your audience.


I collaborate with you to make sure the vision is aligned with your purpose and intention. I also take care of any pre-production requirements to make sure the shoot goes as smoothly as possible.


Using cinema quality equipment and an experienced crew, I capture your film. Shooting can be stressful but with the right planning and crew, it can be a beautiful experience.


This is where the story really takes shape and creativity is ignited to make it even better than envisioned. 

I work to your feedback and take care of colour grading, music, sound design and any visual effects.


I can deliver in any format you need specific for the platform you are releasing it too. 2k, 4k and 6k available.

A specialized approach to

creating art, not just content

Film is a tool to emotionally communicate your message through multiple senses of the human experience.

Film more than doubles audience confidence. Imagine how much more trust your audience has with uniquely branded films.

We offer our main services below, but if you have something

else in mind book in a consultation call.

Tomas Busby has a unique approach and style that distinguishes his work from others.


Since the beginning of Tomas’s career he has focused on using film as a platform to tell stories that inspire people. He picked up a camera after an injury whilst teaching dance. He was three months away from touring the United States, performing in various locations. He picked up a camera while waiting for his knee to heal. Luckily he healed in time to perform as well as document the experience. 


As more and more people asked him to make a film for them, he fell in love. Visionaries were coming to him to help bring their vision to life. To be of better service he received his Bachelor in Creative Arts in 2012 and since has been heavily involved in various projects from mental health awareness, indigenous rights, embodiment, sexuality, mens empowerment, feminism, shamanism, nature and lifestyle events, in the form of music videos, short films, arthouse films, educational courses and feature length documentaries. Traveling not just Australia but internationally, Brazil, Bali, USA & Europe. 


He tried the mainstream route, quickly becoming uninspired and bored. But after a few gambles and crafting a new way he found his niche. A visionary who is of service to other visionaries. 


Through experimentation and reflection he has crafted a new way of creating films for business and artists. His narratives are abstract allowing for an experience to be had and not just watched. He believes it is not through expressing information directly that the audience becomes inspired, it is by creating a multi-layered experience interweaving symbolism, metaphor, polarity and complementarity that an audience can feel the concept as well as understand it.


After collaborating with visionaries from around the world, he not just understands how they work, but loves the diversity and uniqueness each one offers.