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Short film for her book Wild Business.


Cinematic Short Film promoting the Initiation

The Amazon 

Short Film for the documentary The Forest Explains

She Has Risen

Poetry Film with Anna Maria-Flynn & Eclectica, sponsored by Hara The Label


Music Video for Millar Jukes


Promotional video for her course 'The Butterfly Effect'

The High Council Of Shangri La

Short teaser video


It has been an honour and a gift to be able to work so closely alongside Tom on multiple projects for my International Enterprise and Movement, THE WILDGRACE MOVEMENT.


Tom is a powerful communicator and a deeply empathetic soul. He knows how to communicate through the depth of a message so that the potency of the work is upheld as strongly as it would be if you were to witness it in real life.


He is time-efficient, professional and concise. An artist and an entrepreneur, he blends the worlds immaculately. I am looking forwards to working with Tom on projects in the future.

Sigourney Belle - Author, Spiritual Leader and the Founder & Director of Global Revolutionary Movements, WILDGRACE and The Dark Empire