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Social Media


Step up your content by stepping back from doing it all yourself.

This package is designed for businesses and artists to be able to spend more time on what it is they enjoy doing whilst also exceeding audience expectations of online content delivered. 

I work with you on designing and crafting ideas that align with your brand, aesthetic and future goals. 

I blend my vast knowledge of
photography, filmmaking and graphic
design together to maximize diversity
of content, impact of message and
resonance with the audience.

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Each package is designed specifically for the clients needs.

The package can include:

Portrait photography      -     Speaking to camera videos      -      Promotional videos      -      Website videos      -      Product shots (video & photos)      -      Short films/documentaries      -    Acoustic videos

Half day: $975 

Three month contract: $900 p/m

Full day: $1,800 

Three month contract: $1,700 p/m

Directing Assistant - $150 half day or $250 full day (allows more content to be captured in one day)

Promotional Video - $300
With music composed specifically for your brand. A cinematic edge to a website video or for promoting an upcoming event/course/gig/etc.

Ready to stand out?

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